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Musical Elegance

Wedding music is more than just the wedding march. It acts as a tone-setter, a background to the proceedings and when you use our live performers, a sparkling jewel in your decorations. At Le Jardin Studio, we bring classical elegance to any ceremony with talented performers and music that perfectly sets the mood you desire.

Enjoy the sound of a lone harp plinking out a heart-warming tune? A duet between harp and cello intertwining their notes create a musical tapestry? We have a variety of performers and instruments sure to meet any need. 

Head over to the wedding music tab for more information, or check out our photo gallery for a few captured moments. When you want elegant music and musicians, you want Le Jardin Studio.

About Joyce Hesketh

Joyce founded the Le Jardin Studio and Players  in 1994.  She has been a church organist for 40 years, music teacher, conducted choirs, and has performed with Le Jardin Players for special events for over 30 years.  A multi-instrumentalist, she plays and teaches Harp, Piano, Organ, Harpsichord, French Horn, Viola, and Violin. Joyce is an orchestral musician, graphic artist, and newsletter…

Wedding & Reception Music

PRELUDE. The usual tradition, is to play music for one half hour before the actual time of the wedding. Most of your guests come early enough to spend time in the sanctuary area prior to the wedding.  This helps to prepare the atmosphere for your ceremony.  The assortment of music played at this time, about 12 pieces, should be a variety of styles which will please your guests.  The choices…